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source link Introduction: Many of my friends ask me, “How to learn UFT/QTP quickly?”. They want to start web automation scripting from the very first day of their learning.Yes, scripting is easy in UFT/QTP but you can drive a car if you know how to drive. If you compare Unified Functional Testing(UFT) as a car, to know basics of VB scripting is to know how to drive that car. If you know VBscript better, you are a good driver of UFT. These few topics we will discuss below will make you a good VBscripter as we will include all the necessary examples that will pave the way for you to be a efficient automation engineer.

see We will discuss everything in context of web automation rather than web development. That’s why, you will not see those <HTML></HTML> tags in our discussion.

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Write your first VBScript using UFT

Fmg put options follow site VBScript Data Types

Nel corso degli ultimi giorni abbiamo visto brevemente quale sia il funzionamento dell’iqopions: un esempio pratico nel quale abbiamo compreso quali Installing QTP on a Virtual Operating System

see url UFT Basics 1-Record and Run Tests

get link UFT Basics 2 -Parameterization and Checkpoints

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